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Anyone Wanna Pitch In On Cheapys Christmas Gift?


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That checklist of autographs is ridiculous. From Superman to the Father of our Country.



TCS-AH Audrey Hepburn 1/1

TCS-BC Bill Clinton 1/1

TCS-BD Bette Davis 1/1

TCS-BH Ben Hogan 1/1

TCS-BO Barack Obama 1/1

TCS-BR Babe Ruth 1/1

TCS-CC Calvin Coolidge 1/1

TCS-CM Connue Mack 1/1

TCS-CMA Christy Mathewson 1/1

TCS-CR Christopher Reeve 1/1

TCS-CY Cy Young 1/1

TCS-DD Dizzy Dean 1/1

TCS-DE Dwight Eisenhower 1/1

TCS-EH Ernie Harwell 1/1

TCS-ER Eleanor Roosevelt 1/1

TCS-FR Franklin Roosevelt 1/1

TCS-GC Grover Cleveland 1/1

TCS-GF Gerald Ford 1/1

TCS-GH Gordie Howe 1/1

TCS-GHB George H. Bush 1/1

TCS-GHO Gil Hodges 1/1

TCS-GS George Steinbrenner 1/1

TCS-GW George Washington 1/1

TCS-GWB George W. Bush 1/1

TCS-HC Hillary Clinton 1/1

TCS-HCO Howard Cosell 1/1

TCS-HG Hank Greenberg 1/1

TCS-HH Herbert Hoover 1/1

TCS-HT Harry Truman 1/1

TCS-HW Honus Wagner 1/1

TCS-IB Ingmar Bergman 1/1

TCS-JD Joe DiMaggio 1/1

TCS-JF Jimmie Foxx 1/1

TCS-JFR Joe Frazier 1/1

TCS-JG Jerry Garcia 1/1

TCS-JGA Judy Garland 1/1

TCS-JO Jesse Owens 1/1

TCS-JOC Johnny Cash 1/1

TCS-JR Jackie Robinson 1/1

TCS-JU Johnny Unitas 1/1

TCS-KML Kenesaw Mountain Landis 1/1

TCS-LG Lou Gehrig 1/1

TCS-MO Mell Ott 1/1

TCS-NA Neil Armstrong 1/1

TCS-NF Nellie Fox 1/1

TCS-PM Pete Maravich 1/1

TCS-PR Phil Rizzuto 1/1

TCS-PWR Pee Wee Reese 1/1

TCS-RA Red Auerbach 1/1

TCS-RC Roy Campanella 1/1

TCS-RCL Roberto Clemente 1/1

TCS-RM Rocky Marciano 1/1

TCS-RMA Roger Maris 1/1

TCS-RN Richard Nixon 1/1

TCS-RW Robin Williams 1/1

TCS-SM Stan Musial 1/1

TCS-SO Sadaharu Oh 1/1

TCS-SP Satchell Paige 1/1

TCS-TS Tupca Shakur 1/1

TCS-TSP Tris Speaker 1/1

TCS-VL Vince Lombardi 1/1

TCS-WHT Howard Taft 1/1

TCS-WS Warren Spahn 1/1

TCS-WW Woodrow Wilson 1/1

Jimmy Carter 1/1

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I've got Elway, Montana and Young with Marino on the wish list. FYI, if you go to the Greggton antique mall in Longview they have a section with some good cards in it. Just don't get the Whitey Ford cause I'm targeting it.

I didn't know of anybody around here that did that anymore. Alan's was the last one I knew of in Longview. Gilmer had Benchwarmers back in the 90s. Hadden's Sandwich Shop was the better place to go. You could flip through binders and he'd charge you Beckett prices. $1 could get you a lot of cards back then.

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Retrobyte in Henderson is starting to do cards now. Henderson Daily News sports editor Hughes Ellis is moonlighting over there. It's just a small start but I know it'll grow with some support. If you're in the area, drop in and help the guys out.

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