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11-2A (D-II) All-District Team


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  • Defensive Lineman MVP: T K Gardner – Tenaha
  • Defensive Lineman MVP: Tee Giles – Tenaha
  • Defensive Newcomer of the Year: Jamar Thompson – Mount Enterprise
  • MVP: Trai Gardner – Tenaha
  • MVP: J. Horn – Tenaha
  • Newcomer of the Year: Levi McCasland – Overton
  • Newcomer of the Year: Kendre Miller – Mount Enterprise
  • Offensive Lineman MVP: Tee Earl – Timpson
  • Offensive Lineman MVP: Michael Steelman – Overton
  • Offensive MVP: Jake Marshall – Overton
  • Offensive Newcomer: Brady Brown – Overton

The First Team Offensive selections:

Full Back: Hudson Rogers – Overton and Cole Shivers – Wortham

Guard: Ashton King – Overton and Nictaeo Scourton – Timpson

Kicker: Abel Rodriguez – Tenaha

Offensive Tackle: Austin Boehm – Overton; Shawn Cheshire – Tenaha; and Matthew Flournoy – Tenaha.

Quarterback: Zach Jones – Wortham

Running Backs: Jordan Osby – Timpson and Onterio Thompson – Tenaha

Tight Ends: Jaurmez Brock – Tenaha and Shawn Sartors – Overton

Wide Receivers: Jayce Black – Wortham; Riley Chipman – Grapeland; Nick Croteau – Overton; Cody Foshee – Tenaha; and Jay Lloyd – Tenaha


The First Team Defensive selections:

Cornerbacks: Joe Clark – Overton; Cody Foshee – Tenaha; Ja’Qualin Franks – Tenaha; and Jordan Osby – Timpson

Defensive Ends: Jaurmez Brock – Tenaha; Hunter Wagstaff – Tenaha; J.J. Washington – Overton

Defensive Tackles: Darius Herndon – Overton; Chase Lilly – Tenaha; and Nictaeo Scourton – Timpson

Inside Linebackers: Christian Ashton – Tenaha; Jayce Black – Wortham; Hudson Rogers – Overton

Outside Linebackers: Jace Jones – Mount Enterprise; Garrett Long – Overton; Cole Shivers – Wortham; and Monterrio Williams – Tenaha

Punters: Cole Shivers – Wortham

Safeties: Nick Croteau – Overton; Jayden Johnson – Timpson; Jay Lloyd – Tenaha


The Second Team Offensive selections:

Centers: Jose Mejia – Timpson and Cameron Riess – Grapeland

Full Back: Christian Ashton – Tenaha and Jacob Oswald – Mount Enterprise

Guard: Brandon Allison – Overton; Dylan Martin – Wortham; Dalton Sandlin – Wortham; and Tycorreus Villegas – Tenaha

Kicker: Francisco Garcia – Wortham

Quarterback: Rick Frauenberger – Grapeland

Running Backs: Joe Clark – Overton and LaDarrius Garrett – Tenaha

Tight Ends: Cutter Smith – Timpson

Wide Receivers: Josh Ackley – Grapeland; Crawford Bobbitt – Overton; Rodney Davis – Grapeland; Ja'Qualin Franks – Tenaha; Jayden Johnson – Timpson; and Will Sanders – Mount Enterprise


The Second Team Defensive selections:

Cornerbacks: Kaeson Gentry – Timpson; Nathan Palmer – Overton; and Will Sanders – Mount Enterprise

Defensive Ends: Kevin Davis – Grapeland; Ryan McDaniel – Wortham; and Onterio Thompson – Tenaha

Defensive Tackles: Nictavian Colloway – Tenaha; Xavier Herndon – Overton; and Tanner Keith – Grapeland

Inside Linebackers: Riley Chipman – Grapeland; Francisco Garcia – Wortham; and Cutter Smith Timpson

Outside Linebackers: Josh Ackley – Grapeland and Kelan Foster – Timpson

Punters: Rick Frauenberger – Grapeland

Safeties: Jordan Castillo – Tenaha; Von’tray Cooper – Wortham; Travis Hawkins – Overton; and Shaykeem Washington – Timpson














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