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Marshall Football: Claude Mathis hired as AD/HFC


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Mathis got his OC.


Not who I originally was told it could be....from an FCS school.


Instead picked one off from Lake Travis.


Will see if it's ok to name drop.


Now it's all about naming the D.C.

OC from Lake Travis or an assistant?


Any word on who he's looking at for DC?

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Do the coordinators in Marshall still have to teach a class? I'm curious if that may have been a deal breaker......

They do unless they have a 2nd job such as asst AD etc. When I left the coordinator jobs were teaching positions with a much nicer stipend.

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Mavs going to have a new look this fall offensively.


Mathis has got these boys ticking. And they are gobbling up everything he's throwing at them.


Everyone buzzing about practice. Hes working their tails off and they are responding.


QB situation may have already been solved.

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Jake Griedl has been named the OC. He's a WR coach and strength & conditioning coach at Lake Travis right now.


Don't know anything about him. But LT is pedigree.


Mathis told his boosters this week that he has more Freshmen coming to practice right now than 10th and 11th grades combined. That's impressive considering we already had a sizable soph/jun class.


Still yet to publicly name his DC.

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Going to have several from Harper's staff stay put.

The OC has been named.


DC is really the only one I haven't heard. It may be a done deal, but just under wraps.


Been hearing great things about the practices. Mathis is working their tails off....and they are responding positively. Even the rest of the staff has stepped up their game in intensity.


The QB position might be up for grabs...but not as much as some thought it would be. Apparently someone has been working VERY hard on the offseason...and it's paying dividends. Looking very good thus far.


The WR corps may be the deepest we've had in many moons. They are catching everything thrown their way. Which is where we REALLY struggled last year.


Numbers are way up. Apparently we have more current freshmen out practicing than we have sophs the Jrs combined.


Heard from several people he's VERY engaged with the kids at MJHS..... which is good to hear. Numbers are up there too.


I've heard rumbles about an indoor practice facility. Like the video replay board.... it may be coming from from private donors/booster members. This may be hearsay..... but so was the video board when I first heard about it.


I'm guessing MISD is pouring all $ into finishing the new schools for this fall. All kids K-8 (about 4,000 kids) will be in new schools. Then MHS is about to get a major facelift within the next year..... all that to say $$$ for the athletic department will probably be tight. So if an indoor practice facility is to become a reality it will likely come 100% from private donations much like the video board.


Exciting times....... 122 days until kickoff




BTW.... been working on the website. Will probably get the all-time Mav stat leaders posted tonight.

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Some updates:


Highland Park coaches were very complimentary of the baseball facilities when they were in town over the weekend with the Playoff series.


Had one of the boosters say that a friend of theirs (HP parent) was amazed at the community support and size of the crowd Marshall had at the game. Stated no one in their district had anywhere near the support the Mavs have. Nice to receive compliments from a well respected program and their fans.


The new Marshall Junior High building is nearing completion. The athletic facilities for the school are outstanding. The gym is going to be fantastic..... Coach Mathis is putting in a top notch weight facility for the school that will be used by all sports. He's really investing into the Junior High program. LONG overdue. Sounds like the entire MJHS athletic program is getting a make-over and he's very involved with it. I'll post some pics of the new school/gym/athletic areas ASAP.


Have had several sources tell me that all of the 2015 bond projects ($110 Million) are coming in well under budget. With the surplus and the sell of the old properties..... this could leave somewhere in the neighborhood of $10 million left over. Seems to be some debate where this money will go. With all new schools K-8..... most seem to be of consensus that it will all go to the renovation of MHS. The first bond included a $30 reno of MHS including new cafeteria, performing arts center, and classroom updates. Obviously 10M is a lot less than 30M..... so will be interesting to see what the school board does.


Maverick Stadium appears to be at the top of the list for Mathis, which also had a $5 million reno planned in the first bond. Press Box, concessions, and restrooms are his target. Will see if this is something the community will take care of much like they did the athletic center in 2005 without using tax money. Some have suggested that some of the surplus money can be used...other oppose that idea. Stay tuned.


Mavs will have 3 Jerseys this year..... red, grey, and black. Mixed thoughts on this. The new red ones are outstanding. The black ones from the last 2 years have grown on me somewhat. Haven't seen the grey....so I can't say. But hey....it's the trend these days and it seems to excite the players. And isn't this who this is all about?


Again I've heard about an explosion in numbers participating in football class. Mathis reported he's got more current 9th graders than he has 10th and 11th graders combined.... which is impressive considering those soph and junior classes are pretty big. May be record numbers for us dressing out.


A 7 on 7 schedule has not been announced, but it's going to happen. I've received different info from different people. I've been told the Tuesday night league with Evangel, Carthage, and Waskom is expected to continue. But I've also been told that Mathis has set up some 7 on 7 with Henderson as well. Also haven't been able to confirm SQT participation.... but rumor has it they will be in the Tyler tourney. Possibly Lufkin. I've heard rumor the ETBU 7 on 7 tourney in Marshall this year has been scratched since they are in the process of installing turf at Ornelas Stadium.


The new OC Jake Greidle (Lake Travis) will be in town Wednesday to meet the players.


TCU, U of Houston, and Texas A&M have been at practices taking a look at some guys.


Doesn't sound like many of Harper's staff will be sticking around. Several are headed to Texarkana from what has been talked about (Ludlow...hate to see that. He's a great coach). Hale and Sartain may be gone too.


Current DC Joslin may be staying, but he won't be DC. Scuttlebut has it that the new DC (not named yet) is currently at one of the Dallas ISD schools... but I've also heard the DC could be coming over from DeSoto after the state track meet. Conflicting reports....no idea which is true. Hope Joslin stays.... great coach and young smart guy. Heard 3 other defensive coaches will be coming to Marshall from DeSoto.


Several offensive coaches are expected to stay including Williams, Bird, and Cisneroz. Interesting fact..... the new OC (Greidle) is coming from Lake Travis.... which is where Bird played football with his dad (retired from Marshall after the 2015 season). So Bird and Greidle likely know each other and share some offensive knowledge from LT.


Since apparently this has become an issue in Nacogdoches.... it's been confirmed that head Mav baseball coach Dunaway and head Mav basketball coach Carson will only coach their sports. They won't be coaching additional sports.


Mathis is pushing for a hurry up offense. Wants to run 3 plays/min.


The WR corps is coming together nicely with plenty of reps.... and plenty of targets with varsity experience: Chandler Kelehan, Dekendrick Bender, Taj Washington, Seelah Smith, Marje Smith, Tre Macon, Cortez Herd....... that's 7 possible targets.... just in upperclassmen. Got some freshmen that have looked strong too.


Sounds like the QB position will be a battle over the summer with 7 on 7 and into drills. With two scrimmages in August... we should be in good shape.


Apparently......last year's starter Herrington has looked very good in practice. Looks like he's really put in a lot of work over the offseason. It may be his spot to lose. But sounds like he'll have some competition..... including the QB of last year's 9-1 district champion 9th grade team. Cortez Heard could also make a push for the QB slot. But Herrington has had an outstanding spring from what I've been told.


Looks like Mathis is planning on installing a 3-4 defense. Hard to say though until the DC gets to town. Lots of technique being taught in practice concerning blocking and tackling.... which has been a MAJOR problem for us the last few years. Our tackling has been atrocious at times.


Still hearing things about an indoor practice facility.....but only from 1-2 people. Not sure this rumor even has legs.... or if this is just wishful thinking for some. But that's how all the talk about the video board got started too.... soooo.... we shall see.


Sorry for the long post. But wanted to catch up everyone on the mix of fact/fiction/rumor/small town life. Sounds like there is a TON of excitement around town.


More to come later.



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