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Thursday March 9.....Semifinals


8:30.....1A.....Borden County (22-3) vs. Happy (24-5)


10:00....1A...Lipan (34-3) vs. Dime Box (27-8)


1:30.....3A.....Santa Rosa (34- 3) vs. Dallas Madison (26 - 8)


3:00.....3A....Jarrell (33- 3-1) vs. Brock (29 - 8)


7:00....5A.....Corpus Christi Veterans Memorial (31 - 6) vs. Mansfield Timberview (30 - 7)


8:30.....5A....Northwest (32 - 5) vs. Ft. Bend Marshall (31 - 7)




Friday March 10.....Semifinals


8:30.....2A.....Grapeland (33-5) vs. Muenster (31 - 6)


10:00.....2A.....Clarendon (30 - 2) vs. Thorndale (27-9)


1:30......4A.....Brazosport (32 - 3) vs. Midlothian Heritage (32 - 5)


3:00.....4A.....Argyle (33 - 3) vs. Silsbee (31 - 6)


7:00......6A.....Dallas Skyline (34-1) vs. Cypress Falls (33 - 3)


8:30.....6A.....San Antonio Wagner (35-2) vs. Keller (33 - 2)



Saturday March 11......Finals



8:30 am 1A

Happy vs. Lipan




10:00 am 3A

Brock vs. Dallas Madison




1:30 pm 2A

Muenster vs. Clarendon




3:00 pm 5A

Mansfield Timberview vs. Ft. Bend Marshall



7:00 pm 4A

Brazosport vs. Silsbee


8:30 pm 6A

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I said the same thing many years ago, had to check the map back then, its by Lexington (the town famous for bbq)

Speaking of Snow's BBQ... there is a place between San Antonio and Waco that has great BBQ and has like 700 seats out doors in the form of picnic tables. Is this the same place???

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I think so. The UIL press release is poorly written and seems to suggest both possibilities, but I can't imagine them giving most of the potential audience a way around coughing up ten bucks to nfhsnetwork.com. (For folks who do that, don't forget that subscription auto-renews so you'll need to cancel after the tournament.)

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Rip off in the making for a novis like me. I would love to see Munster play however. The game on the radio is not the same. Tiger 73 led me to believe that Munster was a much larger team as far as size than the Tigers. Hard to believe but true I am sure. It would lead me to believe the title is Munesters to lose. I want to see these boys

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