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Top 10 best all time basketball coaches in East Texas


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Bobby Carson in Marshall is working his way towards 700 career wins.


He's been a beast for us. JT McManus turned the program around in the early 2000s..... but Carson has kept us at... or near the top of the district for the better part of a decade.


Unfortunately 5A basketball in East Texas struggles Vs the DFW in the playoffs. Otherwise he'd probably already have 700 career wins.

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CL Nix Whitehouse

Leroy Romines Longview (Henderson)

Rick Flanigan Pine Tree

Jesse Walker Lufkin

Ken Lloyd Avinger

Fred Griffin Brownsboro Girls

Buddy Hawkins Winnsboro Girls

John Alexander Jacksonville

Nichols La Poynor

Wake Wood

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I would say Coach Carl Love from JT was a good coach. I know he didn't get alot of deep runs, I think he only went to the regional tournament once or twice, but I would say during his yrs a JT, They were probably yr in and yr out from the (mid 90s to early 2000s), the best Basketball ball team in East Texas. He won 400 games in 17 yrs at JT. That is an avg of 23-24 wins a yr.


JT had good teams, problem is that they always met the Dallas ISD schools in the 3rd round. This is when Kimball, Carter, and Skyline were in their prime in Basketball. Whats funny, is that in football, those 3 schools couldn't get past East Texas, but in Basketball it was the opposite.

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carl allen eddie shawn leroy romines loper(frankston) Griffin (winnsboro Tommy Aldridge

Carl Allen from Sabine (Liberty City) that had some of the best teams back in the 80's and he won two State Championships. I know Rex Ray won one for my alma mater, but he went downhill in the 80's.

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Joe Tom Schillings of Shelbyville won 2A state championships in 1982 (32-1) and 1984 (34-0).

His 1989 team was 31-1 and lost by 1 point at the regional tournament. Had teams two years in the 70s go 27-2 and not

get out of district because of Broaddus and Terry Teagle. After retiring as a boys coach he won over

150 games as a girls coach.

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