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Portland Mavericks Baseball Cards

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There were no Portland Mavericks cards produced during their existence, so my next logical treasure hunt - inspired by watching the GREAT Netflix documentary The Battered #### Of Baseball a few years ago - was to acquired all cards of players who played/managed/coached for the Mavericks (1973-1977)...


All I need is a very hard-to-find 1985 Jack Spring card & some miscellaneous Jim Bouton cards:



BatteredBastards.jpgBatteredBastards-2.jpgJackSpring63Topps.jpgGaryTrumbauer-1972TCMACedarRapids.jpgBatteredBastards-3.jpgLarry Colton.jpgFrankPeters1981TCMA60sII.jpg



...I even have a Kurt Russell card! :coolio:



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