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DEADLINE 4/28 - 2017 Daingerfield Lineman Challenge - May 20th


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This is an official invitation for your offensive/defensive linemen to compete in the 1st Annual Daingerfield Tiger Lineman Challenge.


General Information:

Saturday, May 20th at Mickey Mayne Tiger Stadium.

Registration will be in the weight room from 8:00 am- 8:45 am.

Coaches Meeting 8:45 am, competition begins 9:15 am



1. Bench Press (185 lbs. for reps) total for 5 team members

2. Truck Push (timed) 5 team members, 2 attempts and take fastest time

3. Farmers Walk (timed individually) total time for 5 team members

4. Tractor Tire Flip (timed individually) total time for 5 team members

5. Sand Bag Carry (timed individually) total time for 5 members

6. Medicine Ball Throw (measured individually) total distance for 5 members

7. Hand-Over-Hand Tire Pull (timed individually) total time for 5 members

8. Weighted Sled-Push (timed individually) total time for 5 members

9. Weighted Sled Pull (timed individually) total time for 5 members

10. Tug-O-War- tournament format seeded by total points at the end of the day.

We will use the Track and Field Point System for each event.



$15 per athlete-each participant and 2 coaches will receive a t-shirt at registration.

Contact Information:

Mike Waldie

Email: <script data-cfhash='f9e31' type="text/javascript">/* */</script>

Field house: 903-645-3465

Jordan Wood


Cell: 936-647-6670


Team Format:

Each team will be made up of at least 5 athletes no more than 10. A maximum of 5 members will compete in each event. You may enter 2 teams.



Water will be available. Athletes will need to bring flats, cleats, gloves, sunscreen, weight belts, and any other equipment they may need.

There will be a concession stand available.


There is absolutely no colored drinks, gum, or sunflower seeds allowed on the turf.




Athletes must play on the offensive or defensive lines, no skill position players.

Athletes will respect official’s decisions and calls.

General rules for events will be discussed at coaches’ meeting.


Documents required-will be emailed upon request for participation.

1. Release of Liability Form- please make copies and make sure that every athlete has a signed copy by the day of the event. You can bring them with you, fax or email.

2. School Information Sheet- this is your official team entry.

Please include a cell or home phone contact for multiple coaches in case we need to reach out to you before the event.

3. Event Organization Sheet- this is for you to organize your team and keep track with event information.



April 28-registration deadline. This will allow us time to get the shirt order in, printed and to the school by the event.

We will only take the first 20 teams.


Please text, call, or email us with any questions you might have. We are looking forward to a great day of competition and hope you can join us.


Mike Waldie

AD/Head Football

Daingerfield High School



Jordan Wood

Offensive Coordinator/Offensive Line

Daingerfield High School



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