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I understand stand that but yall are Carthage and have a tradition and it never drops off.. Totally different for Palestine..

I've had my eye on Pali for a few years now. Progressively better each year. Good size with speed in the skill positions. I think you guys have a shot at a playoff spot this year if you can step up against C Hill. You should handle Center & Bullard.

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One bad night can completely wreck a district order, as well as some rivalry match ups. Obviously I would pick Carthage as the top dawg, but in the past, the Carthage bulldogs have had a let down game and that has thrown a monkey wrench into district picks, persay. But I don't think this is the average Carthage team, above average defense for this time of year and a lot of room to improve, offense that is finding its groove earlier than normal, and a qb that's just now coming into his own. Kilgore is the stalking tiger to the north that's explosive when the keg is lit, and I think the coach is holding the match rite now and gonna turn it out. Chapel hill is still the uncertain, even as they look to move their game back into the limelight, you get the feel that they are coming and coming hard. HENDERSON, if they can sharpen the steel of their younger players, a district rivalry could be the upset of the district cart this year, bit alas, I think they may be a year away from taking this district again.. Just my assessment..


Dang, I'm ready to put on the pads after reading that.

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