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16 4A District standing


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On Tuesday night Tatum stepped out of District to sweep EF

25 to 16--25 to 18 & 25 to 17


In District play

Carthage made a clean sweep of Henderson

25 to 10 ---25 to 19 & 25 to 10

I am glad Henderson was able to make double figures in all three games otherwise it could have been embarrassing.


anybody got the Rusk v Center scores

the question here is did Center make double figures?

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Tatum Plays Rusk before the football game in Rusk.


Rusk wins and there is a 3-way tie for District champion.

will they plip for seeds or play it out.


Tatum wins and they are the District Champs

with one game to go against Henderson Tuesday night.


Tatum 5-1 lost to Rusk

Carthage 4-2 lost to Tatum twice

Rusk 5-2 lost to Carthage twice


Henderson 0-5

Center 0-5

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Tatum lost to Rusk in 5

So a three-way (3) tie for district championship


Tatum plays Henderson Tuesday


Anybody know who will be #4

How did Center & Henderson come out when they played?

I guess the other 3 teams beat both teams twice.

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