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Week Nine: Longview at John Tyler


Longview Lobos (6-1) vs John Tyler Lions (5-2)  

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  1. 1. Who wins?

    • Longview in a blow out
    • Longview in a close one
    • John Tyler in a close one
    • John Tyler in a blow out

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1 hour ago, ANTI said:

And lesson #1 would be, run the 3-4. Not the horrid 4-2-5 that Longview is in. Yes, personnel wise the 4-2-5 makes sense against these spread teams but scheme wise it is the easiest defense to decipher pre snap.

I don't know, JT runs the 3-4...lol

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59 minutes ago, ANTI said:

Was the 2006 squad as talented as 2013?

Yes or no?

If you say no, I made my point. If you say yes, seems the person who don't know Tyler football is you.

I will tell you this, if Greg Ward and company was coached by Ratliff...they would have been 2-8 too, and you would be saying they had no talent.  BAD COACHING not talent...was the downfall for JT.

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55 minutes ago, ANTI said:


They have a huge white and black population! About 1700 to choose from last year and about the same this year. That's nearly the population of Nac high school.

Come on now......Longview doesn't have that much to choose from. Neither does JT.

And back in the early to mid 2000s they had a black and white population was near 2200 at Lee  So that's a loss of 500 kids...not to mention if Brook Hill, Grace, and All Saints didn't exist, Lee would probably have close to 3000 students.  

HUGE Difference.  


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For this matchup...

3 keys for a Longview win:

Longview D forcing turnovers - Lobo defense currently ranks #2 in 11-6A in forcing turnovers with 15. They have earned multiple turnovers in every single game so far this year, majority of them being INT's.

Chris Kessler - Field position is big and Kessler does not give opposite teams any favors on kickoffs. Goes through the back of the endzone most times.

Haynes King - Bring another dimension to Longview's offense. Stacking the box would be a mistake this game as HK has little problem popping the ball right over defenders and into pass catchers hands. Play action is very beautiful with King being the signal caller.


3 keys for a JT win:

Running the ball - They practice against it everyday, but for some reason the weak spot of the Longview D is against the run. JT doesn't need to come out throwing the ball everywhere, I would actually look to run first. Hawkins and Grant can be a handful. Hawkins has the highest YPC rate in the district at a whopping 9 YPC and Grant isn't far behind with 7.34 YPC.

JT D forcing turnovers - Longview O has a tendency to step on their own toes at times. They lead 11-6A with 16 fumbles, granted they have been lucky enough not to lose the majority of them. 

Passes over the middle - The Longview secondary is ranked #1 in 11-6A with 10 INT's. Longview has some ball hawks back there which is why I wouldn't really recommend going all out with the passing game. BUT majority of those picks were on the outside and not really over the middle, where Longview's defense has historically given up yardage. 



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19 minutes ago, JTFAN99 said:

I will tell you this, if Greg Ward and company was coached by Ratliff...they would have been 2-8 too, and you would be saying they had no talent.  BAD COACHING not talent...was the downfall for JT.

Ratliff that bad huh.

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1 hour ago, RandyJohnson said:

Oh my goodness ! Can we just move on to the "here and now " ? Really ?

Time to discuss tomorrow night's matchup...how about it ?

Longview will pass and run with a more balanced look...imo !

Haynes King brings a whole new dimension that JT hasn't seen from Longview than in years past. The Lobos will still try to run in between the Tackles with Williams, Edwards and Hutchins with King testing the JT secondary.

Defensively, the Lobos will attack and may very well allow some yardage but they're in a "bend not break" mode alot these days while forcing opposing offenses into mistakes.

Tell us more about JT guys...enough living in the past...lol !

my bad Randy!

Its going to be a tough game for JT. Thought that before the season. LV is probably the favorite, but I see both teams have a weakness due to injuries and new QBs that could be prone to make mistakes in a big game like this.  I think turnovers will decide the game. Toss up winner. 31-27 score.

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7 hours ago, JTFAN99 said:

You are right, Brooks did inherit a senior team but that doesn't change the fact that Ratliff was terrible. He had three yrs at JT and the program got worse every yr.  Maybe he had better defenses (although I disagree), but he offenses were horrible.  They couldn't score any points at all.  Immediately Brooks come in, make adjustments like moving Kerry Maddox to QB (and changing the offense to the spread...then all of a sudden they blow out teams that blew them out the previous yr. 

The next yr, they played alot tougher preseason schedule. They had Ryan Mallet Texas High,  a very good Dallas Carter team, DeSoto, Plano East, and Copperas Cove., thats why they had more losses. but I guess we just have to agree to disagree on Ratliff.

As bad as you think the defense for JT is now, I will take Holmes worst JT teams over any Ratliff team.

Bush graduated and Maddox was next up so no big decision by Brooks on that one. Playing TH may have been a tough one because of the familiarity but NO schedule is tougher than playing Longview, Lee, and Lufkin twice in one season. That's 6 losses for any team with 36 varsity players at the then 5A level. Again, Brooks was left with a good number of seniors so he should have gone 10-0 but the stage was too big for him. Holmes was also left with a Ferrari his first year, plus, for 6 seasons the district was a cake walk. 

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On 10/22/2017 at 12:38 PM, NODAYSOFFTX said:
On 10/22/2017 at 11:45 AM, Lobouno said:

Longview by 2-3 scores no matter who plays qb for jt

sipping on that lobo koolaid to hard. But then again y'all were the same people that had us not having a chance at making the playoffs barley or beating rockwall heath. This will be the same scene as last year.


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Just like last year lobos win vs Rockwall won't mean nothing for Longview    jt  doesnt make mistakes  early  they will be on at whoever  is at qb  as long as they don't force passes  but street is pretty much always open tho so he a good safety blanket

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45 minutes ago, Lobouno said:

Has jt special teams been bad all year or just bad game against Heath?

Heath game was probably the worst all yr. Its going to be cold and windy during the game. Special teams will probably be an issue for both teams.

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40 minutes ago, JTFAN99 said:

when is the last time longview lost to the same team 2 yrs in a row?

Coppell 2012-2013 for sure. Allen 10 and 11 before that. 

I'd have to look it up but that one comes to mind immediately. 

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