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Cleburne broadcaster in hot water


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As appalled as I am by WHAT he said during the game.....

I'm more appalled at his attitude since he's been called out on it.

"no comment"

"I have nothing to say about it"

I saw one quote (I think from the Fort Worth Star-Telegram I believe) where he was asked if he planned to be on the air this Friday since being called out on his comments...  and he basically said "hide and watch".

His website states, "I'm a guy who likes Cleburne, liked the Yellowjackets and likes to spread the gospel" 

What gospel is that exactly, praytell?  

The name he used for the team was egregious.... but making fun of the cheerleader and the Jenny Criag comments.... wow.  Just wow.

People have lost their minds as to what they think they can get away with saying and doing.

What an idiot.  I hope he gets a lifetime ban from all UIL sports.  Not just broadcasting, but attending as well (not that it would be enforceable).   


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Ew.  That made me sick to my stomach.

It happened (and still happens) to us Amerindians all the time.  That's one reason race should not be allowed as a team's animal mascot (pet) since we are human.

There are so many things that were said to us, spit on, things thrown at us, vulgar motions, nasty names for us (especially to females) while I played some sport for school.

After a couple of bad experiences with us girls my parents and grandparents would not allow my sisters and I to play against schools that used Amerindians as mascots and played that offensive inaccurate music, oh, and that fake "Indian" language they would use to sing.  Our brothers were allowed to choose to play or not.

So when I played on varsity basketball as a Freshman I did not go with the team while it played against two schools on the schedule. It was good that we won them. Those happened to be e the two weakest district teams.

Still today it is amazing to see how many schools still use a human race as the animal mascot.

We did watch Plano beat PNG for state at Texas stadium and it was just shocking at what fools they are at PNG behaving that way while being fake "Indians".  It makes us (the children especially) feel numb and like outcasts in an unreal world like the Twilight Zone.  A lot of Amerindian parents have left games like that because it bothered their children so much.  "Samll pox blankets!  Small pox blankets!"  was quite a tame heckle.  I would never tell publicly exactly the things that happened but I still have to teach it if necessary to the children in the family to prepare them for what life experiences can bring to them.


Yes, I think the UIL should ban Mark Banton.  I also think that the Arlington ISD shouldn't ban Cleburne's radio team from broadcasting at games in Arlington because I think that Cleburne is taking care of the problem.

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