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Pleasant Grove vs Spring Hill Panthers @ Spring Hill


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1 hour ago, Hawknation03 said:

I've known these boys since they began sports I have coached some of them from 3rd grade in football and baseball. These kids have played together for years. They lost Isiah Phillips and Conner Keener who were both part of the middle school team that went undefeated 7th and 8th and only allowed 1 single touchdown to L.E. If Phillips and Keener are still on this team they would be blowing out every team in district.     

I miss and respect those players very much but we ARE blowing out every team in the district and we are so multi-dimensional that when one player is out, we have many more step up. Good thing we have over a dozen of those same boys on the team now.

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On October 30, 2017 at 1:34 PM, PGDad said:


I guess things seem different from the other side of the ball. #16 is the D1 guy right? He was blanketed and covered very well despite some missed offensive pass interference calls. I know we aren't super fast without #21 on the field but we block great and our next in liners can get through most any line, and did. Our big boys had their hands on their hips because of what? Because they were constantly in the backfield. I'm sure they would have been more rested if they were blocked better and didn't get a chance to chase that QB...they didn't seem that tired after the game to me...they weren't that sweaty...probably cause it was so cold. Pitt should get into the playoff and wish them the best of luck!

We sure do have things to work on this week vs SH. I figure we will be in the backfield a lot, force interceptions and turnovers, and score score score. I know in the past we (and others) have had some problems with SH. Haven't heard anything about those types of problems this year so we have to watch out for a higher disciplined team that should not waste time and penalties from overzealous playing.

It's going to be a great game! 

When does #21 expect to be back and when did he get hurt ?

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1 hour ago, PGDad said:

Not sure...we have several players out or several players coming back...I don't remember. Even if the Panthers think they know who is going to be on the field, and where...they have no idea, and I'm not tellin.

CHAUNCY MARTIN 21 is playing tonite so is Tyler Allen. Hawks are getting healthy 

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17 minutes ago, Acewell said:

Good. I want the Hawks to be at full strength when they get beat by a very shorthanded banged-up Panther team.

lol already getting your excuses ready?



From what I hear, they both are benched. This isn't a give the other team a heads up message board. I know you're a rook Hawknation but damn...have a little sense.

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