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What's really going to be a shame, is when they post 4A cutoff to be 478, and Atlanta/Tatum stay where they're at. L-E will be in one of our districts then. Probably Atlanta's beings the number I heard Gladewater had was under 478. 

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14 minutes ago, MuleSlicks said:

You Tatum folk keep your chin up. Things will turn around sooner or later. I always enjoyed those Tiger - Eagle games.  Was always  a good hard fought, clean game. I had a lot of respect for your program.

Maybe we'll schedule y'all this go around. We may be dropping to 3A so I could see it happening. 

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3 hours ago, Lion70 said:

Think you were dreaming. That so Eagleborn of you.  Your better than that. Nick Saban and bill bellick couldn't bring Huntington to the playoffs 

This topic is dumb but then you show up and the dumb takes it to the next level.

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