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Week 1 Playoffs Atlanta vs Jasper


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Just now, Eagleborn said:

Jasper by +21 shows a bunch of confidence.

Maybe in district 8. They're not super human. Physical maybe, but it's not like they've blown out every opponent they've faced. Mainly just Tatum and Huntington. Bigger means slower. I'm confident the coaches can find a way to use our speed to an advantage. It won't be the first time we played a big, physical #1 seed.

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Just now, H3llR4z0r said:

More excuses Eagleborn. #18 getting worn down in the 2nd half really hurt them. They had plenty of success with other backs though.

He was tired from going from Tyler to Marshall to SH... I'd be worn down too.

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8 minutes ago, BigBoyRabbit03 said:

Here's my outlook our second place team can beat any team in yalls district for sure and we was right there with them we can win.

Cool story.. y'all second place team playing in this game?


Hanging your hat on a Gilmer team that's less than last year's Gilmer team? Awesome.

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We have a better chance making it past Jasper then y'all would playing our last place team lol do y'all have a thread yet or do y'all not wanna talk about that woodshed action y'all get when y'all play anyone descent. Jw 😂 And I like Tatum y'all could be way better then y'all are imo don't know why you have zero faith in them Rabbs.

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