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Teague vs East Chambers


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19 hours ago, player73 said:

Teague doesn't resemble the team that lost to West. Different O line now that is opening holes that I could run through plus having 5 turnovers is the most in Donnie Osborn era as well the worst game. 

And neither is West...just saying both teams have improved theres no doubt about that. West played without Bates whos a starting linebacker and runningback and another starting LB  whos a starting fullback against Malakoff. They didn't have any trouble moving the ball without them but they were missed on defense for sure. I'll take West in Region 3 if they can stay healthy. Plus they might get #33 back next week assuming they take care of business tomorrow. 

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1 hour ago, PepperBrooks said:

And to be fair the next best defense Teague played against was probably Groesbeck and they won that 22-20 so opening holes against teams like Elkhart, Whitney, Westwood etc shouldn;t be to big of a surprise. Hopefully West and Teague meet again in the Regional Finals

Check the Malakoff and Cameron games about those holes. Would love to play West again. 

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