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2018 3AD1 - Who's who?


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Is this dude for real? All JJ has ever heard us say is stuff like "Keep an eye on this Sophomore moving up"... not a class as a whole. JJ, you went on and on and in about 5 D1 sophomores y'all had. You are actually meaning to say that you personally THINK they have potential to develope into D1 players. Y'all had exactly 1 standout player this year. 

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And JJ, you should learn to comprehend what you read. We were and are talking about the Freshmen class, not Sophomores. It's every single year with you about your Super Duper Loaded classes. We mention 1 or 2 players that people should keep an eye on, not a whole class of D1 athletes. But when we talk about this Freshmen class, they are actually what we say they are. 

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On 12/30/2017 at 5:56 AM, DOB said:


What happened?

It's quiet ... too quiet ...


What happened is, the thread was moved to "UIL Realignment" and it killed the thread, yet I still see plenty of threads in the main page that are going strong about new districts. 


I think they're jealous that this got to 25 pages in just a couple of days. 

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1 hour ago, Lion70 said:

Yeah like going one and done from a powderpuff District is much better Houston Scarborough the only 0-11 team but I highly doubtful they were bragging about it

Why are you even here? I know y’all used to filling up schedule in preseason with smaller schools but come on. No need to be obsessed with us. 

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