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4AD-I Title Game: Kennedale vs Carthage


Kennedale vs Carthage  

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  1. 1. Who Ya Got?

    • (14-1) Kennedale Wildcats
    • (15-0) Carthage Bulldogs

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1 minute ago, sfacujackcat said:

As I said, Surratt won't show any mercy. Never does. He's going to score however many and however way he can, even if it's a bomb with the game already wrapped up. 

You sound utterly ignorant... You have zero idea how many times he's put in 2nd/3rd string, and even kids that played JV previously in the year, and early 3rd quarter most times... 

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2 minutes ago, sfacujackcat said:

He's one of the top 10 coaches in the state. I do agree there. Curious how much longer he'll stay though. They were talking about that earlier in the telecast I believe.

He’s not interested in leaving. His son is in 4th grade at CISD. He’ll coach him as a Bulldog.

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This game is pretty anticlimactic.  I certainly expected Carthage to win handily, but I didn't think it would be this bad.  This game just shows that even if the talent level is "equal", you are at a huge disadvantage running an offense that does not have balance.  You can get away with it ONLY if you have a defense that is SHUTDOWN, and that doesn't happen often at all.

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