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Early 2018 non-district football schedules

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14 hours ago, cotton84 said:

Marshall playing Longview and Carthage............nothing wrong with those 2 games, but a biggggg difference in enrollment

Who gives a crap about enrollment?  That is 2 HUGE games that will pack the stands and should test all 3 schools.

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1 hour ago, TTman7 said:

Anyone know of New Diana's pre-district games? Or know if your school is scheduled to play ND in pre-district? 

I saw somebody post that they play Harmony....that leaves 2 more games. 

Think they are playing Alto pre-district.

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I know who downvoted my post above, but I am curious on why he thinks its bad for marshall to play a larger school power (Longview) and a smaller school power (Carthage) and not think that both games benefit all 3 schools... 

Marshall/Longview shouldn't ever end... and hasn't in 100+ years... Marshall/Carthage folks have been saying for a while that they should play... even in the years that Carthage would have wiped the floor with Marshall... it never really made sense to go to Louisiana and play those schools when we had capable opponents to our south and west that were just as close and possibly a better test than what we were playing.

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29 minutes ago, mightyeagle said:

gilmer is going 2a

3A-D2..., had to fill the spot.  There wasn't anybody around here available, or could work us in.  Newton is a very good team, and the defending state champs with a lot of studs coming back.  I'm pretty sure they will test us.  We ain't as good as we used to be, either, although we could get there with some minor changes.

FWIW, we tried to work something out with Stephenville, but it fell through.

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