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WNBA, what level they playing at?


WNBA could they beat a Men's JUCO champion or NCAA Men's team?  

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  1. 1. Could the WNBA girl's beat a quality Men's basketball team?

    • Yes, they would slaughter them slaps
    • No, what you drinking Doomy
    • Maybe
    • Don't know, don't care
    • Other

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Doomer you need to quit testing them squeezins so much.  People care as much about the WNBA as they do Major League Soccer.  They're lucky to even have teams.  They also need to quit whining about their pay and conditions they are playing under.  I saw the Las Vegas team forfeited a game, because it took so long to get to where ever they were playing.  Cry me a river, all major league teams had travelling issues when they first started up riding trains or busses overnight for games the next day.  I've hated having a motel by a train track or an airport, because it's tough to sleep, and I can't even imagine riding by train from 1870's-1960's, some loved it but most hated it.  They had layovers that they could sleep at for hours.  They're attendance is low, and the viewership is even lower with only 171,000 viewers for the 2017 season on ESPN.  I doubt that they last 8 more years if that, unless the NBA keeps supporting them.  

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