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Texas Middle School Baseball Bat Cert


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My son is starting middle school (in Texas), and I would like to buy him a new bat.  He will be going to a new charter school.  They do not have a baseball coaching staff fully in place, so I asked the Athletic Director what type (certification) should I get him.  He told me BBCOR -8.  I have never heard of a BBCOR with -8, only -3.  I emailed Texas UIL Baseball and they told me that for regulations I needed to email NFHS.  I emailed NFHS and they told me they only write regulations for High School, not middle school/jr high.

So, I'm asking parents of Texas Middle School baseball players, "What bat certification does your child hit with?" USA, USSSA, BBCOR .50 -3? ...BBCOR -8!?! If you do not have have a child currently playing middle school baseball, do not answer this question (unless you are a coach). 

(Note:  -3 drop is a heavy ratio.  I guess if it is BBCOR -3 middle schoolers have to do a lot of upper body strengthening.  Also, the minimum 31" is a little long for some 11 year olds. Just my observations.)

Thank you.

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