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Tyler Rose Bowl


Rose City Rivalry   

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29 minutes ago, GOLEE said:

Rick says he’ll go Friday night. 

Kinda like Wickware. Going and getting the job done are two different things. Those ankle sprains linger on forever. It’s worth a game time decision. But at some point you have to be smart and think about district. Hope both these kids play if their capable. 

It’s s big deal to play in this game for these Tyler kids. 

It does but it means nothing really. Not like last year. I would rather have him healthy for District then see him get hurt more.

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7 minutes ago, Mavchamp said:

wow.  Didn't know it was that close.  Figured JT would have dominated. 

Should be a fun one to watch.

If Wickware is back..... JT might be in trouble.

They did but that 18 years where Lee went 15-3 against JT from 1999 to I think 2010 then won two or three in a row.

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21 hours ago, Mavchamp said:

He played in a time when JT dominated district and in the playoffs.  

JT hasn't dominated in a while. Maybe that's why he's dissatisfied.  

I wouldn't say this is completely true.  The yrs Ricklan started on Varsity (96 &97 seasons), JT didn't win district. JT lost to Marshall on that David Aaron long pass in 96 and in 97 JT lost to Longview and Lufkin to finish 3rd in district, but that yr JT went to the Semifinals.

As a coach, until last yr, Ricklan was 28-3 in district with 3 district championships. JT just won the district in 2015 and 2016. And 2 semifinal appearances in 2012 & 2014  To be honest he probably has a better coaching career than playing career at JT, cause he was a freshman in 94 when JT won state. 


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1 hour ago, cujoforlife said:

How did the stadium look? Is it all finished now?

It looks better from outside the entrance makes it look like a college stadium with two entrances  and they added something on top of where consession stand is so when u walk around back it’s cover over top and seats behind the bleachers  it looks pretty nice

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3 hours ago, NODAYSOFFTX said:

SO I wonder will they cancel the game with the weather being bad

They will have the lightening meter out with 30 minute delays every time it triggers until it’s not worth it. Or play thru the rain if no triggers. 

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