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Carthage Bulldogs @ Marshall Mavericks


Carthage vs. Marshall  

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4 minutes ago, DTrump said:

Truth hurts man and you know it!

Anytime you want to discuss Carthage football PM me please big boy! I will meet you in person. I bet you don't do it?

I wouldnt mind meeting u. I’ll be at the game next week we can meet up somewhere

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is anyone else listening to the game on kmht marshalls radio station? i tried kgas but it wouldnt work. anyways, earlier in the game they made a comment about the carthage fans being super loud and yelling more than other fans they've seen. I found that hilarious because its completely accurate. we are loud rightfully so.

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3 minutes ago, The Real Mavfan said:

Well i think this is what most expected. Good adjustments by Carthage in 2nd half. But also the injury to JJ in the first possession of 2nd half was crucial. He wasnt able to make plays with his feet like he did in the 1st half. The Dawgs were able to play the pass and didnt have to worry bout him running.

What happened?  He going to be alright going forward?

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