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Newton vs Gilmer


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26 minutes ago, JasperDawg said:

Singletary stadium gonna be packed next friday! U Buckeye fans gonna love the "infamous" pole over on the visitor side.

That pole was installed for a reason. It protects the visitors from trauma and mental breakdown by restricting the view as Newton gives a beatdown to visiting teams. Now you know.. 

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Any way you look at it......no quality team that is ranked in Class 4A will give up that many points to any team......even a Carthage.....and especially at home in a rivalry type game.  Nope......it's quite apparent that the Glimmer is not up to standards this season.  It happens.......their schedule is not that overbearing.......they just have not performed as in years past so far.  Cuero is having trouble too, but their best player at RB is out maybe for the entire season.......a D1 recruit at RB........so they have an excuse.  Maybe by the time the playoffs get here Glimmer will be a much better team overall......or beat up with key injuries.

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