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Newton vs Gilmer


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39 minutes ago, Sportsguru02 said:

So y’all can make excuses about playing with a bunch of soph but we can’t oic how it is lol 

No yall just sound like you are suppose to be at the top every year

and that wont happen.sorry,We have been at the top of the chain several times ourselfs

but we no you cant do it every year like you pros can (gilmer) !!!

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4 hours ago, LionKing12172920 said:

Hate it how Gilmer program now is coming apart. Like the Old Gilmer, how tough they use to be, even with them Boyd's in past. Now if that Old Gilmer was here then it would of been either closer or Gilmer would won. Gilmer just on Vacation at moment, hope to see them back where they use to be, in few years now.

Sounds almost  like Dallas lol

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23 minutes ago, oldbuckeye#62 said:

may take them yo yo's a couple of years to figure it out. We have a very clanish system up there ran by one wierd dude.

Unfortunately, this appears to be correct, and it'll probably take some wholesale changes to get our mojo back.  I hate to see politics getting in the way of our students' success on the football field.  It's unfair to our student athletes, in my opinion.

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