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Spring Hill Panthers vs Malakoff Tigers


Spring Hill vs Malakoff  

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Guest Tiger03lb
15 hours ago, Acewell said:

What can I expect to see from Mallakoff?  Formations. Run/pass%.  Size. Speed?  Any D1 players?


This year we are run first then pass but we can pass whenever needed. We can make you pay if you don't respect it. The past 2/3 years we've been more of a passing team with Miller at qb and him graduating last year. This year we have the power and size to run. This is probably the biggest team that I've seen since Driskel has been here. We got some talented young guys. The next 2/3 years looks good. 

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11 minutes ago, gameday88 said:

Has anyone heard anything definitive on the Health of #11 Carr? Nature of injury?Expected timeline to return? Out for the season?. Malakoff doesn't seem like the same team without him.

Idk but we have another good runningback but he hasn't played all year because of a sprained ankle,  we should be ok once he starts playing

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On 9/24/2018 at 8:26 PM, Tiger03lb said:


They moved the Freshman Rb up to Varsity 

Spring Hill 8th has some studs 

I would be doubtful that the best one is 8th grade age. Prob a hold back one year somewhere but several of them might be on their varsity next year 



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2 hours ago, Panther89 said:

Spring Hill is going to win this game, and I hope it's not even close! I tried to be respectful to the Malakoff fan base on another site, but I guess some of them like being jerks, especially koff11, so I guess trying to be nice went out the window! 

Come on now you started it all and want to play the victim? Remember your quote we are going to win with ease? 

Then the Beast from SH got involved and both were firing at each other. It was really pretty tame compared to some of the stuff I have read posted there

There are 40-50 others from here like myself reading it that said nothing at all.

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