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Diamond All American Series

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Hey guys if y’all have a stud in your town and would like to get them a shot at playing with the ELITE in America this is the first step to getting invited to the Tactical Pro Gear Diamond Resorts All American youth game. In the last 9 years they have brought the top 50 players in America together to play in Las Vegas in front of 1000s of scouts. In the last 9 years all selected players have received D1 scholarships. So if you got a kid that can ball. And you want to come get some recognition early in their career. Then signup. They will have scout guidance offered. Help you lay out a path and what to do. They will promote your kid as long as your kid is worthy. They call this group savage for a reason. Because they want savage players and will be up front and honest with you about your kid. Check it out guys. My son 6’ 145 LB Ath played last year in the Diamond All American game. We now hold a D1 offer as an 8th grader. Straight up. If your kid isn’t ready...then this league isn’t for you. Just a quick example of what to expect


last year there was 6 kids with lazer 40 times under 4.6 sec in the 6th and 7th grade. 1 7th grader turned in a 4.43. 

The line in the 7th grade avgd 255lbs. There was 5 kids on my sons team at the skill position that was over 6’ tall including my son. 

Heres is some numbers to look at for comparison on my kid just for reference  

6’ 145lbs 8th grade

29” vertical

103” broad jump

4.7 sec combine official 40 yard dash

4:51 sec mile  

11:13 sec 100 yard dash 

the reason I gave you those numbers is to compare to your kid. If he is even close to any of those numbers then this is for you  





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