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I wanted to congratulate Carthage on a great season after a tough loss today

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1 hour ago, DAWG91 said:

While all that may be true what's so perplexing isnt that they had success with their receivers but HOW they had that success.  Something rrally strange going on when our db's were reacting to passes that were caught instead of playing the ball.  Im still not sure if they even knew the ball had been thrown and was about to be caught.  The catch late in the game on 3rd and forever when their receiver was covered by 3 defenders was almost too much for this old Dawg.

When that ball went in the air I thought it was a sure interception. 

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7 hours ago, MavGrad99 said:

You are dumber than the other Lion.  I am 100% positive on that

But this dumber one can fight that’s whats up, lol I use to be ex world boxing champion 7 years in row Ninjitsu champ and a Boxing Golden glove champ two years in a row, and teach and train Fighters for UFC An boxing, that’s the difference, you don’t even know me so please be respectful.

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