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Henderson Vs Van


Henderson vs Van  

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3 minutes ago, Wreckem34 said:

Have you seen that score? It might be MH

I have seen that score. But Carthage is like New England. They always find a way to win. I doubt they'll lose again this year. Maybe, but I doubt it. 

BTW, Henderson is inside the Van 15 with 4 minutes and still up 18-14.

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1 minute ago, Vandal2106 said:

Should've just kicked the field goal

Completely agree. Never understand why coaches try to outcoach themselves by going for 2 in those situations. You've got all the momentum. Kick the PAT, go into OT and anything can happen. I feel bad for Van. Same thing happened last year when we played Kilgore (lost in the regular season, won in the playoffs). 

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