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Biggest upset that will happen this weekend?

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2 minutes ago, IndianT said:

Cowboys will beat the Saints!!

Nothing will be more surprising than that.

I think the Cowboys defense will hold them to a season low in points scored, possibly even shutting them out in the 1st half.  My prediction, Cowboys 13, Saints 10


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5 minutes ago, TCU44 said:

Celina beats Argyle tonight.I have had a feeling about this for a week so I will roll with it

I have seen both teams play and IMO if they played 100 times Argyle would win 99 times...but who knows maybe tonight will be the Bobcats night.

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Newton starts subing mid second quarter while leading Tigers by five scores. Loses in overtime. Bank it, gonna happen!

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29 minutes ago, trueblue82 said:

Old TCU44 gonna be pretty upset when Heritage boys feel like they got on the milk bone underwear by the third quarter. 

Yep a mudstomp'n in the worx prolly.

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1 minute ago, trueblue82 said:

Hey, we all miss a prediction now and then. 

Still 2 qtrs of ball left to play, folks.....

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