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Mason (14-0) vs. San Augustine (13-2), Class 2A (D-I) Semifinals


SA vs Mason  

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  1. 1. Who Advances to the 2A Div I State Finals?

    • Mason Punchers
    • San Augustine Wolves

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8 minutes ago, KirtFalcon said:

I think Mason was the most physically tough team we ever played in all the years I have been watching Garrison playoff football ....

That’s the way I saw Goldthwaite when we played them. Central and West Texas teams take physicality to a different level. 

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Just now, yarddog88 said:

What? You see something I dont?

First off, I find it comical you saying "East Texas coaches need to learn....."  Second, in my experience most all plays within a system are designed to work......I'm not there but pretty sure Mason is executing their defense better than SA is executing their offense, including SA trying to run a QB sweep....lol

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8 minutes ago, yarddog88 said:

I work with several guys from SA. I have heard all week that mason was slow and that SA would win by 40. I told em that you can't judge them by film and that they were well coached. 

Horrible play call on the 4th and goal.  I think if we would have picked that up things might look a little different.  That deflated them.

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21 minutes ago, bystander76 said:

Im here and Mason is very good. Have we made bad plays and mistakes yes and they have capitalized on every one. Don’t blame the coaches and don’t blame the kids. We are just getting beat. 

Getting beat getting whooped more like it!

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