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Matthew Boiling

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17 hours ago, JTFAN99 said:

+1000....Track an Field is a sport where you have to capitalize when your money making potential is the greatest, and It's probably the biggest it will ever be for him, unless he has a great yr at Georgia.  But he is taking a huge chance.  Trentavis Friday ran a 10.00 at age 18 and hasn't ran that fast since then.  Trayvon Bromell did manage to have a great yr at Baylor and was able to turn pro...but he has been out for two yrs recovering from an injury and his future is uncertain.  And both of those guys are only 23.  

Most of the time I am a college guy.  And I wouldn't fault him for going to college because those are the best yrs of a person's life...but the window can be very short in Track and Field, and even the very good runners don't make that great of money. so you have to take advantage of this situation. 

I will say his future is probably brighter because he is great at 4 events. so even if he doesn't get much better in 100m, he will probably be a great 400m runner and long jump guy.

Yep, and something about him that I'm not seeing talked about is the fact that the kid is sooooooo friggin' raw.

I mean, yeah, he's ridiculously talented, but he hasn't received top notch training. I'm sure his school did their best (not ragging on them) but he's just got the gift. Now he needs elite training to fulfill his potential. 

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