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7 5a D1 John Tyler (0-4) vs Texas High (3-1)


7 5a D1   

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10 hours ago, THSfanatic said:

I would have liked our chances with our QB.   But you gotta play with what you got 

IMHO, no way JT would have shut out THS and probably would have lost if the starting qb had played. THS defense played more than well enough to win.  THS coach practically refused to even try to pass the ball in  the second half until almost halfway into the fourth quarter and called only one deep pass all night and that was at the end of the second quarter.  The wr had the JT corner beat but didn't catch a perfect pass.  Even if the qb was a soph you got to let him sling it around and just live with the results.  The soph has (had) the ability to produce enough for a Tiger win but the JT defense is fast against the run and honestly, the step up in competition was evident.  You have to try to throw the ball and the OC and HC simply refused to try in the 3rd quarter. The regular qb has physical atheletism that would have added an extra dimension to the game, atheletism that the soph will never have.  But the Tigers are a better team than last year.











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