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Waco Connally vs. Gilmer - 11/29 @ 7:00


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On 11/25/2019 at 6:58 PM, SHillBuckeye said:

Connally has a lot of kids, but most didn’t play. They put the backups in during the 4th, but while the starters were in, they only ran #4 and the QB. Gilmer runs several guys at RB, but I think if Bush has to play more defense than usual, Smith can certainly get the job done, as well as #11 at QB. The corner #2 will probably take Gilmer’s top receiver completely out of the game, but if #2 and #4 can make some catches and stretch the field, it will open up that run game. I think they should just approach this game like Fairfield, Connally is similar.

I think Gilmer can do this but they have to stop 9 and 4. They will put down 5 to 6 yards every run. They scored on 6 out of 8 possessions on SH. I think that’s correct. 
No excuses but SH was far from healthy. Don’t think that would have changed the outcome but certainly could have changed the wide difference in score. Shut down their run and make them pass. They can but they aren’t good at it much. Also hopefully you will have good officiating. Not saying they favored either team. They just didn’t call the game. I think it was so cold they just wanted it over. So much going on they ignored. The wind was a constant 15-18 mph out of the nw. 
 Wish I could come watch but too far  

Go represent our district   Beat the heck out of them  


is it televised or in radio?


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On 11/25/2019 at 11:16 AM, Sportsguru02 said:

Man stop it Spring Hill scored two late tds when we took out starters and how about Fairfield almost best Connally. I believe it was 40-35 and we could of put 80 on them 

If u could have u would have. 

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On 11/26/2019 at 9:24 PM, covercity said:

Gilmer will win at ease, I say by 21 points



If it’s a 3 TD game I’ll be shocked. Pulling for our district representatives all the way. Bucs can do this but it’s not a cake walk. There offensive line blocks like crazy and they will hold and get by with it if u don’t have some aggressive officiating. 

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9 hours ago, Sportsguru02 said:

Yea we are definitely not Spring Hill and don’t give me that we only beat y’all by 8 mess 

Well that’s how it was. And you only beat us by 2 the last 2 years. 
unlike u, we support our district. Like it or not and believe me we would much rather be playing this game than watching Gilmer. We want the state championship. To come from our district. 
now u got some work to do. 

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