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Waco Connally vs. Gilmer - 11/29 @ 7:00


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Ok, a few quick observations 

1. The key to the game was the Gilmer drive to end the 3rd and into the 4th quarter. Gilmer trailed 20-19, and went 77 yards for a TD. Bush converted a 4th & 2 because he just wouldn’t be stopped. And then Tennison threw a beautiful pass to Fluellen on 4th and 11 to keep the drive alive. If Gilmer doesn’t convert those two key plays, i’m not sure they win. 

2. Game ball to Darrell Bush.  An absolute Beast running the football tonight. Ran through tackles, ran over people, and dragged defenders all over the field. Best game by a Gilmer RB in quite some time. 

3. Brandon Tennison had ice water in his veins tonight. Gilmer didn’t throw much, but he made great decisions and completed the most important pass of the game. 

4. Gilmer defense was outstanding except for the 3rd quarter. Credit Connally for making adjustments at halftime, and credit Gilmer to readjusting in the 4th quarter. 

5. Gilmer still made some big mistakes.  They could have/should have been up by at least 22 in the first half. So there is still room for improvement. 

6. Credit to the kids and coaches for Gilmer. When Connally made their big comeback, the kids didn’t give up.  They stayed focused and made the key plays needed to come back. A bunch of heart showed tonight. 

Good job Buckeyes.  Looking forward to the PG rematch. 

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7:00 Friday @ Lobo...we will be on the Visitor side...mmmmm...the last time this happened was 2016 (Gladewater on the other side...Visitors showed up early & made nice lines...someone forgot to open the gates & the lines melted into a mass...an hour wait @ snack bar...surely they have the Visitor side functional by now. This will be a slobber knocker.

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On 11/28/2019 at 11:18 PM, Panther89 said:

I want Gilmer to win, but wow, after what I saw Connally do to Spring Hill, this'll be a tough game for the Buckeyes!


Waco Connally - 38

Gilmer - 19

Well, I was wrong about this game! Glad the Buckeyes won!

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