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Sitting In My Deer Stand ....


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Well, I'm sittin' here in one of my better stands looking at a nice tall 10 point ... probably 17-18" inches inside  ... probably score 140+ .... I have seen him a few times since opening day ... so what's the problem, you ask? ... Well, I have seen his big brother and I am holding out for him ... but haven't been able to get a shot at him  ...🦌🦌 ... I am hunting a trail he uses that goes to one of the oat/clover patches ... 

I've got several smaller bucks I have seen just about every time I am out here, they are really following the does ...

Anyone got anything to speak of yet? .....

I may have to shoot a spike for some meat soon ....

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I need to shoot something soon for some venison .... saw one small fork horn this morning and a few does .... no hogs .... very windy .... downed the rest of my thermos of coffee and headed back to the house about 10:05 ..... 

Shot a sow, about 125lb, yesterday afternoon in the oat patch on my way back to my mule ..... I hate having to drag those nasty things off ....

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