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Matt Stepp saying East a Texas Job is bout to open!


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2 minutes ago, dillonpanthers said:

Saw Holmes commented on Stepps tweet. Could still be him but would be weird if he was commenting on it. Lol

I’m still with what you hinted at yesterday. Folks I know say that’s happening. 

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Just now, dillonpanthers said:

I've heard it's a done deal. But this isnt the same job. The job he is leaving isn't high profile.  Lol. But I'm surprised it hasnt been announced yet

That’s kinda throwing me off too....... “high profile”........ lol

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1 minute ago, footballjunky said:

If you have Twitter go to coach Holmes page he been retweeting anything that has to due with UTSA. I could be wrong but I’ve never seen him post this much about any college. 

It could very well be. I think all the on staff positions are filled. But it could be some kind of recruiting role or something 

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