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Houston Rodeo canceled amid growing concerns over Wuhan Chinese Virus


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7 hours ago, WestHardinfan1 said:

This is what happens when brainless morons are in charge of anything..........

They've cancelled all events that require a city permit for the month of March.  I'm wondering if they will allow the XFL games to be played with a crowd or the Rockets. They are attempting to kill the local economy by doing so.   There have only been two cases of the Wuhan virus in Harris county and a total of 11 in the area most in Fort Bend Co., and all were on the Nile Cruise except maybe a 70 year old woman in northern rural Harris County.  Not a single death has occurred.  It simply shows the poor leadership and mental capacity for Democrats to run any form of Government.  They are inept and short sited.  I will say that it has not effected my business yet.  I had one of my best days for a weekday in 13 years.  I realize we're in Spring Break here, and people want to go out.  The announcement was made around 1 pm, and everyone I spoke to said it was one of the worst ideas they had ever heard.  This decision will effect many people financially who depend on these events as a source of income.  It will haunt these Democrats in the next election.  

This is the first time I have heard of anything like this in America with any disease or outbreak which we have had many in my lifetime.  Not since the Spanish Influenza have these measures been taken for any disease.  

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