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What’s up at Diana


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13 hours ago, Eagle1906 said:

My understanding or what’s coming from the kool aid. And don’t quote me LOL. That all of them want to move on except AD and one other boys coach. 

The question is why? Really the baseball situation or is there something deeper.

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I mean let’s just be real.

Creating/maintaining a quality football program demands a commitment to weight room that basketball and baseball does not. That demand occurs during the seasons of those other sports and can definitely be inconvenient. 

There is probably some issue in that which is the “problem” at Diana.

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On 3/17/2020 at 4:58 PM, Eagleborn said:

Hard to be successful at a baseball school. 

Argument is old and I see it often in multiple threads in this platform.  Why would a successful program be the blame for another programs issues?  I can make that argument for many many basketball, baseball, etc..... programs where the reason they are NOT successful is because it is a “football” school.  Whatever that means🤷‍♂️.  I see zero ownership of the programs themselves.  I mean I believe in the last 4 seasons ND has been better than the previous 4. The outgoing HC, if I am not mistaken has been there for all 4(not all as HC).  Looks he Has done an amazing job and has made an impact and is leaving the program better than he left it.   There could be a lot of reasons.  Why does it always have to be the ”baseball program” or the “basketball program”. #doublestandard

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