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The Official SDC 2020 NFL Draft Thread

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1 hour ago, Stoney said:

@MeanGreenDogs64 what can you tell us about Ladarius Hamilton of UNT? Just signed a UDFA deal with Dallas.

He is from Corrigan-Camden originally. Has a high motor, and great bull rusher. I would say he plays angry. He came to UNT as a LB, but bulked up and we moved him to DE. I could see him being a practice squad guy for a year or 2, and eventually make it as a rotational edge rusher. 

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Cowboys pulled off a great draft, IMO.  Looking forward to seeing how it all works out under new coaching staff.  Pray the virus is over soon and everything can go back to normal.  Missing baseball is torture enough, but missing football would be horrific.

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17 hours ago, DaveTV1 said:

He can be used like "Slash" was as a receiver.  He might surprise at QB too.  All he did was win at Alabama and Oklahoma.  He did go too high for me, but the Eagles have another former quarterback from Tyler that has done a fairly decent job at receiver too.  

Like the article I posted pointed out, Hurts is very comparable to Deshaun Watson. I could be wrong. You know how it goes. But I'm betting given the right circumstances, and Philly might be just that, he's going to do in the NFL what he did in college - Make a lot of people regret underestimating him. 

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