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2020-21 East Texas 5A Sports Thread

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Marshall Vs. McKinney North- Mav defense has struggled thus far this season.....but North's has struggled even more against lesser competition.  IMHO... this game boils down to the Mav offense staying on the field... playing keep away from the Bulldogs.  The defense will HAVE to improve this week for a tough road win.  Mavs squeak one out.

Tyler Vs. Nacogdoches-   Tyler has played a tough schedule thus far.  Nac got a late start due to COVID.  JT hung tough with Texarkana and Legacy briefly, but fell away in both games.  Nac got a big road win on short prep.  Going with JT in this one.  I think the Lions pull away for a comfortable win.

Lufkin Vs. Magnolia West- This could be a good one.  West beat Brenham handily then played Temple close.  LP won a tough one at Nederland after getting manhandled by Legacy.  I'm not going to be shocked to see either win.  But going to go with West because it's a home game for them.

Forney Vs. Texas- Texarkana continues to roll.   Forney remains winless.

Corsicana Vs. Whitehouse-  Corsicana lost a tough one last week 34-31 Vs. Lebanon.  WH slipped nby Royse City.  This could be a good one.  Going to take Corsi in a close one.  Wouldn't be shocked to see WH get the win tough. 

Hallsville Vs. Sulphur Springs-  These are two teams that are struggling.  SS has been giving up lots of points.... and not scoring much.  Hallsville has also been giving up lots of points too...but has been able to put some points up too.  Tough call.  Someone gets their first win this week.  I'll take Hallsville..... errrrr Sulphur Springs in a tight game.  

Tyler Legacy Vs. Longview- Longview.  

Mount Pleasant Vs. Greenville-  MP continues to roll.  Offense seems to be rolling.  

Nederland Vs. Jacksonville- Unfortunately for JAX.... this one is going to be ugly IMHO.  NED gave Lufkin all they wanted..... and JAX has really struggled on both sides of the ball thus far this season.

Pine Tree- OFF

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Well "those" you spoke with really weren't paying very close attention then. While it wasn't a large score disparity it wasn't really that close of a call especially statistically.  Marshall

Why be a douche about it?  Nac doesn’t pick their district.  They compete where they are put... and they dominate.  just say congrats and move on.  Don’t see the point in trying to lessen thei

Longview knocks off Pine Tree, 6-4. 21-6 on the season. Seconded highest win total in the last 52 years for Lobo baseball. 

Posted Images

During the online telecast of the Texas High v. Tyler High opener, the announcers said that Texas High was missing their two starting cornerbacks due to injury.  One broke a couple of toes against Longview.   I forget the details of the injury to the other.   When are they expected back?    Probably not a big deal versus Forney, but it could become more important down the road. 

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Marshall Vs. McKinney North-Marshall takes care of business!!
Tyler Vs. Nacogdoches-NAC SHOCKS EAST TEXAS!!! Homer PIck!!!
Lufkin Vs. Magnolia West-LP doesn't seem to be as strong as years past. MW in this one.
Forney Vs. Texas-Texas High might be the best team in 9-5a, but Forney is not good-TH BIG!!!
Corsicana Vs. Whitehouse-CANA 
Hallsville Vs. Sulphur Springs-SS in a close one
Tyler Legacy Vs. Longview-Longview, but this will be closer than expected.
Mount Pleasant Vs. Greenville-Greenville will show MP hasn't played anyone yet!!-Greenville
Nederland Vs. Jacksonville-Nederland BIG!!!
Pine Tree- OFF

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Couple of games really interest me this week. 

Namely Whitehouse/Corsicana.  
Also Tyler/Nac. 
Even MP/Greenville  

Seeing how district mates do against stronger competition is a good measuring stick IMHO.

I’ll be scoreboard watching them this Friday.  Just as I figure they will be doing us vs McKinney North. 

Good luck everyone. 

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On 10/5/2020 at 9:20 AM, Mavchamp said:

Marshall Vs. McKinney North
Tyler Vs. Nacogdoches
Lufkin Vs. Magnolia West
Forney Vs. Texas
Corsicana Vs. Whitehouse
Hallsville Vs. Sulphur Springs
Tyler Legacy Vs. Longview
Mount Pleasant Vs. Greenville
Nederland Vs. Jacksonville
Pine Tree- OFF


Marshall Vs. McKinney North.......Mavs actually make a few tackles and win a close road game.
Tyler Vs. Nacogdoches......Lions bring Nac back to reality.
Lufkin Vs. Magnolia West....Panthers continue to struggle on the road.
Forney Vs. Texas High.....until someone proves different, Tigers continue to roll.
Corsicana Vs. Whitehouse.......'Cana is a rude guest.
Hallsville Vs. Sulphur Springs......SS is a rude host.
Tyler Legacy Vs. Longview.....Lobos rediscovered their power running game....and because they're Longview.
Mount Pleasant Vs. Greenville.....Lions slap around the Tigers.
Nederland Vs. Jacksonville......Duh.....Nederland.

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2 hours ago, dillonpanthers said:

Marshall - think North graduated a lot

Nacogdoches over now Rudder 


Texas- HUGE


Sulphur Springs - 2 bad teams

Longview - would like to see a close game 

Mount Pleasant


What makes anyone think we can beat 2-0 Rudder who averages 56 points a game!! 

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Pine Tree was scheduled to finish non district games against Wylie East on Oct. 16th but a positive COVID test shut down Wylie for two weeks.


Pine Tree will now travel to Kennedale (4-0) Tomorrow Night, 10/9 and will move their bye week to next week.



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Pine Tree should roll over 4A Kennedale by as much as they want to.

I know they are 4-0..... but the district they are in is ridiculously bad:  FW Dunbar, FW Eastern Hills, FW Western Hills, Carter-Riverside, Jarvis-Diamond.... need I go on?  Pirates win easily.  

I guess everyone in 9-5A will be off next week now except for Nac. 

I think Nac has a tough game this week with Rudder.... sounds like their offense is ROLLING.  Nac's offense is still looking for a groove just one game in.  This week's competition is MUCH better than last week's.  Pulling for the Dragons....but taking Rudder.

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The more people that test, the more cancelations there will be. Positives are going to start going through the roof. Healthy athletes will be told they are dangerous. Stop testing and acting like the results mean something. Animals,  Fruit, and blank samples have all came back positive. 

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Week 3 Recap:

Marshall over McKinney North 48-22
Magnolia West over Lufkin 37-20
Bryan Rudder over Nacogdoches 48-21
Longview over Tyler Legacy 37-14
Greenville over Mount Pleasant 34-14
Texas High over Forney 49-10
Whitehouse over Corsicana 33-14
Nederland over Jacksonville- 42-20
Hallsville Vs. Sulphur Springs CX


It was a mixed bag this week for East Texas 5A. 

Longview got a big win over Legacy in a game most thought would be hotly contested, but the Lobos pulled away in the second half for a comfortable win.  

Texas High continues to make it look easy with another big offensive night and a stingy defense.  Proving they are the early favorite for the 9-5A district title.

Marshall piled up more than 600 yards of offense..... 450 through the air against McKinney North with a long road win.  The Mavs needed a good bounce back from last week's ugly loss to Longview.  At (2-1) they hope to be title contenders in 9-5A.  Mavs host PT in a huge match-up in two weeks.

Whitehouse had a big win on the road in Corsicana to show they want to be in the district title talk for 9-5A as well as they improve to (3-0).  The wildcats are looking to challenge Texarkana, Marshall, and PT for one of the top spots.

Pine Tree (2-0-1) played Kennedale to a 10-10 tie at the half, but the stadium lights malfunctioned and ended the game there.  The Pirates now enter the bye to prepare for a big road game to Marshall to open 9-5A play.

Lufkin's struggles continued with a district opening loss at Magnolia West.  The Panthers were short handed with several players out to injury.  The Panthers will host Magnolia this week in a critical game for LP.

Nac's last minute reschedule of Bryan Rudder to replace Tyler proved to be a tough one for the Dragons.  Now they enter the bye where they will begin prep to open district play hosting Whitehouse in two weeks.

 Nederland blasted Jacksonville

John Tyler cancelled Vs. Nac and Hallsville cancelled  Vs. Sulphur Springs due to COVID precautions. 


District 8-5A DIV II
Ennis 2-0
North Forney (2-0)
Greenville (2-1)
Crandall (2-1)
Royse City (1-1)
Corsicana (1-2)
Sulphur Springs (0-2)
Forney (0-3)

This is shaping up to be a pretty good race.  Ennis, obviously is the clear favorite.  But the race for 2-4 could be a great one.  Greenville continues to show improvement, a trend we saw last season.  Corsicana is off to a rough start, but they have pedigree... can't count them out.  NF and RC have also been tough outs the last few years.  Get some popcorn... this could be fun.... and messy.  District starts this week.


District 9-5A DIV II
Texas High (3-0)
Whitehouse (3-0)
Pine Tree (2-0-1)
Marshall (2-1)
Mount Pleasant (2-1)
Nacogdoches (1-1)
Hallsville (0-2)
Jacksonville (0-3)

This is also shaping up to be a fun race.  Texarkana has clearly become the odd-on favorite for the district title.  But Marshall has won the last 3... and 4 of the last 5.  Throw in Whitehouse and Pine Tree and this could be a battle to the end for the district title... but also for playoff seeding.  MP and Nac are also looking to make some noise by upsetting one of those four.  District starts in 2 weeks.

District 7-5A DIV I
Highland Park (1-0)
Longview (2-1)
Wylie East (1-1)
Sherman (1-3)
McKinney North (0-2)
Tyler (0-2)
West Mesquite (0-3)

Highland Park, Tyler, and Longview have the pedigree in this district.  HP and Longview appear to be the favorites for the district title.... after that, it gets murky for the #3 and 4 slots.  History says Tyler should be in the middle of the playoff talk, but the Lions have struggled thus far.  Then again... so has everyone else in the district outside of HP and Longview.  

District 8-5A DIV I
Magnolia (2-1) (1-0)
New Caney (2-1) (1-0)
Magnolia West (2-1) (1-0)
Waller (1-2) (1-0)
College Station (2-1) (0-1)
Porter (2-1) (0-1)
Lufkin (1-2) (0-1)
Cleveland (1-2) (0-1)
Caney Creek (0-2) (0-0)

District play is underway.  Too early to get too high or too low an anyone.  West's upset of Lufkin raises some eyebrows.  Magnolia's win over College Station also grabs your attention.  New Caney survived Porter by 2 points (21-19).  Big game between Magnolia and Lufkin this week.  An LP win keeps the Panthers in the middle of the DC talk.  A loss puts Lufkin's long playoff streak in jeopardy.  


Week 4 Games
Longview Vs. Beaumont Westbrook (Thursday at Lufkin)
Tyler Legacy Vs. Allen
Magnolia Vs. Lufkin*
Greenville Vs. Ennis*
Highland Park Vs. Rockwall
Sulphur Springs Vs. Crandall*
Corsicana Vs. Royse City*
North Forney Vs. Forney*
McKinney North Vs. Rockwall Heath
Tyler Vs. Mesquite Horn
Sherman Vs. McKinney
Magnolia West Vs. Cleveland*
Waller Vs. Caney Creek*
Porter Vs. College Station* 
New Caney- Bye

Marshall, Texas High, Pine Tree, Whitehouse, Mount Pleasant, Jacksonville will all have a BYE this week.  Nac and Hallsville may have games scheduled to make up for cancellations.  


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5 minutes ago, EazyMoney said:

In 8-5A, I can almost guarantee that Magnolia, Magnolia West, and College Station will be in the playoffs.  That leaves one spot for New Caney, Porter, and Lufkin to fight over. 

Have to agree, don’t look over Waller either. They haven’t had a bad start to the season.

Lufkin needs to win 2 of the 3 I feel to get in. Pack did not look good last night, from what I got to watch. 

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33 minutes ago, LoboFan07 said:

Have to agree, don’t look over Waller either. They haven’t had a bad start to the season.

Lufkin needs to win 2 of the 3 I feel to get in. Pack did not look good last night, from what I got to watch. 

Waller will start 2-0 in district, then it’s all downhill. They could possibly pull an upset but not Top 4.  Lufkin’s games against the New Caney schools will be crucial for them to win.  

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Mav Quarterback Brent Burris broke the MHS single game record for passing last night Vs. McKinney North. 

He went 24-38 for 492 yards and 4 touchdowns.

Through 3 games he is 44-78 for 808 yards 7 scores and 2 interceptions.

Congrats to him.  He's waited a long time for this chance to shine.

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Texas High changed QBs successfully against Forney. McHenry assumed the QB role and Cellers moved to WR. In my opinion, the move was best for both players. McHenry throws a better pass but not the threat Cellers is scrambling. But Cellers may be more dangerous now for opponents catching the ball in the open field. The two combined for several touchdowns against Forney.

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17 minutes ago, bordertown said:

Texas High changed QBs successfully against Forney. McHenry assumed the QB role and Cellers moved to WR. In my opinion, the move was best for both players. McHenry throws a better pass but not the threat Cellers is scrambling. But Cellers may be more dangerous now for opponents catching the ball in the open field. The two combined for several touchdowns against Forney.

I was told Cellars had 5 receiving tds in the 1st half.

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9 hours ago, VonG said:

I was told Cellars had 5 receiving tds in the 1st half.

He had 5 receptions with 3 for tds. McHenry threw 5 TD passes and was 23-29 for 368 yards. Total offense was 580 yards. Defense held Forney to 114 yards. Granted Forney isn’t Ennis, but it was encouraging on both sides of the ball.

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