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Trump, Disinfectants, and the Media Spin - Viva Frei Vlawg


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19 minutes ago, BarryLaverty said:

I didn't watch that, again, but I do see Elizabeth Warren there, and she lost her brother to Covid yesterday, so maybe this is a more personal issue for her than a lot of people who are sitting on the sidelines making snarky comments and defending bumbling Trump. 

People die everyday, you don’t make policy’s over personal issues.

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2 minutes ago, DB2point0 said:


Maybe so, 3,000,000 + voted for Hillary over trump and a ton of folks didn't even like her..  whats the possibility of more ppl voting biden than they did Hillary in 2016.... after looking at the super Tuesday delegates, looks like biden is doing better in some areas than Hillary did

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47 minutes ago, JETT said:

Maybe so, 3,000,000 + voted for Hillary over trump and a ton of folks didn't even like her.

This has been part of the problem with politics for years. Yet a lot of these folks keep getting re-elected. For crying out loud, Ted Kennedy, through his own action and inaction, basically killed a woman, but people LOVED him. Trump's approval rating is in the low 40's, depending on the poll. Gallup keeps track of the Congress' approval ratings. They are abysmal.


I'm not saying Congressional approval needs to be 80%, but those numbers are abysmal. And they've been that way for years. The last time Congress had an approval rating over 40%, was a Gallup poll conducted February 7-10, of 2005. Think about that. It hasn't sniffed 40% since March 5-8, April 6-9, and May 7-10 of 2009. It's been sub 35% since then, regardless of the party in the White House or the Majority in the House/Senate. It bottomed out at 9% Nov 7-10 of 2013.

I can't imagine anyone who finds these numbers acceptable. But we keep electing these people. Unless there's something I'm missing.

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