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Bells @ Gunter


Week 6  

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1 hour ago, ObiOne said:

27-0 Gunter at half. I was wrong folks. Gunter still has it 

Bells has some good looking kids.  I hope they stay healthy.  It is a long season yet to come.  Our guys and coaching staff had great respect for the Bells team and put in a good effort.  Looks very familiar, who knowws?

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On 9/30/2020 at 11:40 AM, ObiOne said:

Might happen but I will be surprised.  Bells program doesn't get a lot of respect and that is understandable.  But I think that is about to change.  Bells has lost 2 games since district started last year.  One to Pewitt and this year to Holliday.  We had 391 rushing yards in the loss to Holliday and outgained them overall but kept shooting ourselves in the foot with penalties.  The best win in that stretch is Elysian Fields by far.  The only reason I bring up last season is because Bells only lost one RB/LB and a couple of offensive lineman.  Bells is a young scrappy team still learning the system and they get better every week.  Now if they can keep penalties to  a minimum they will be tough to stop.  The slot-t needs to be nearly penalty free to be successful against good teams.  We will find out soon enough.

Gunter is a dadgum machine. All that youth playing that well is scary. They are gonna continue to be a state champ contender for a while. Congrats on the win Gunter. Good luck to Bells for the rest of the year. 

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