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Melissa(5-0) @ Argyle(4-0) Battle for Air Supremacy


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21 hours ago, Texski said:

Melissa won the JV game 48-46. Melissa scored the go ahead touchdown with about 4 min left. Got a big stop on D forced an Argyle punt with 2 min 40 sec left. Facing 4th down from own own 9 yd line with 1 min 30 left Melissa elected to take intentional safety (Argyle had blocked 2 punts in 2nd Q) then held on D to get the win. Lots of young talent in pipeline for both teams.

For some reason i envision tomorrow nights game going just like this... 

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5 hours ago, regaleagle said:

I guess Argyle2014 must've skipped this week's homework assignment, Huh?  I'd be happy as a lark for the Eagles to win by 21........but this Melissa offensive group just has too many weapons and too much speed with a very good QB at the  helm.  That spells tuff sleddin' for any defense.

Looks like someone needs to do some homework on their home team...😂😂😂 

48-21 Argyle

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