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Tatum vs Winnsboro playoffs 2020


Bi-District Round  

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4 minutes ago, Tatum_DirtyBird said:

Racer flushed the Porta Potty. 

Lol they’re awfully quiet this week against us I guess. Last year I’d pop in their chats and they were a lot mouthier.  Or I guess after all the close games they’ve had last year and this year humbled em some. 

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10 hours ago, chevyman said:

Work is slow so might as well. Masters and Tatum film lol. I like that big heavy package there yall showed

"The Beast Formation" would be the name of it. 9 actual linemen on the field in that formation lol. 

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48 minutes ago, Eagleborn said:

His use of y’all was meaning Winnsboro. Not Spring Hill. Don’t y’all (SH) have a hammer to swing or something tonight?

I have dual citizenship, didn’t you know?  And yes SH is going to swing the hammer in Mexia while y’all sit and watch Winnsboro methodically go up and down the field 4 yards at a time.

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