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Elysian Fields vs Hemphill


Elysian Fields vs Hemphill   

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  1. 1. Elysian Fields vs Hemphill

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42 minutes ago, jacket52 said:

I would of said same thing about HS till tonight’s game but at 28-20 I was a little rattled like come on already 

I wasn't worried J52, HS wasn't gonna hold down that EF offense enough to pull the upset, even though EF looked sharper on offense and defense against Waskom last week, I pretty much predicted exactly how this game would go and the point spread, I knew HS would give us a better game than they played against Waskom, this game tonight to me just didn't have that Yellowjacket excitment for some reason, EF will turn it up with a different attitude and mindset from the players next week, Ford has this team tough, EF gone be a problem in the playoffs.

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6 hours ago, jacketgrad06 said:

Can’t believe Hemphill fell to the 4 seed. This honestly is a 1vs2.  3 way ties can really throw some things into a tiff.  Hemphill was better then AS and them and NW were pretty even. 

I agree, Hemphill is solid and in my opinion the second best team in district. They've got good size and #34 is a man child! Hemphill's defense is improved over last year, should be a good game. Good luck to both. I am pulling for our district though.

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