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Cushing Bearkats (6-3, 3-3) vs. Deweyville Pirates (7-2, 5-0)


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It appears that these two teams will meet for the 2nd time this year in Jasper on Thursday night.  I haven’t seen verification of that or what time.

The first time these two teams met it was the Pirates first game and they were missing a couple of key players from what I heard at that time.

They were able to muster about 44 yards offense.  Cushing scored most of their points in the first half and was riddle with a few turnovers in the 2nd half from just starting to learn the flexbone offense.

Font know about injuries on the Pirates side...Cushing lost their middle linebacker/Full-back Cade Willis to a season-ending torn meniscus In the Tenaha game on a knee he had been nursing the last three years. We may have another skill player out from a shoulder injury out but no verification of that, as well.

Both teams have improved a lot so we do not know what will be the trend when they meet again.

The Bearkats will have a lot more speed on their side so if they execute the scoring will happen and often in my opinion.  

Bearkats by 21 for their first ever Bi-district championship.

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17 minutes ago, Lion1996 said:

That’s what I was thinking kinda crazy now days with all the teams going to the playoffs.
Good luck Cushing 


34 minutes ago, Red90fly said:

Cushing has never won a playoff game?

No... they have been to the first round 3 times.... back in the 70’s they finished second I believe a couple of times... but at that time only the district champion went to the playoffs.

The first time they made it to the playoffs was in the early 90’s when it was still the top two teams in the district.  And they got beat by Celeste.

the last time was tear before last and they got beat by Centerville.

It is what it is... you have to start somewhere and I think this team could get to the Area-Round or even further... until they get to Mart.... if that happens.

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5 minutes ago, Unashamed said:

Leadership too

Truth... the young man leads by example! We’ll see what happens in the second half.  

Bearkats had them going backwards and then forced a fumble at the 5 with 40 ticks left in the 2nd.

we’ll see if they have it in them.

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Welp.... end of the 3rd quarter... a player for both sides ejected from the game for fighting.  Bearkats just aren’t in in mentally and Deweyville wants it more.

36 - 8 Pirates

Bearkats has an 70 yard td called back  for ineligible lineman down field...smh.

44-8 Pirates after penalties put them on the 5 yard line.

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