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Tatum vs Grandview

Who wins?  

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1 hour ago, RipperRipper said:

Tatum may just be peaking at the most opportune time.  

Peaking? Yes. In a rhythm? Yes? But the beast from DFW is waiting. 

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Thank God. 

Heard Tatum got back to the school last night and started practicing basketball 

Getting past Bi District is great let em have their day. 

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12 hours ago, Julia said:

Yea they need to clean up the holding could have been called nearly every down.but like you said officials walk on by

You one of the ones crying on Facebook? 

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On 11/14/2020 at 12:09 PM, mightyeagle said:

They said this was the best team they ever fielded

One person said that who doesnt even live in Winny so take that as you may

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21 hours ago, mightyeagle said:

I hope yall do.The only difference is it won't be 25,wind blowing 30,and sleeting and raining.

That makes a big difference for us east tx boys. You no what I mean.

And thanks for pulling for us,We are pulling for yall to  !!!!

That game was in Teague and it was one of the worst conditions you could ever imagine. 

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Wild 74 one thing wrong with your post is it will not be at Zebra stadium, they probably got it mixed up because Grandview is Home.

but at Bruuce field in Athens

See I was able to reply to you without reprinting the sheat.

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