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Rematch Lindale vs Chapel Hill


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2 minutes ago, Stankylegg said:

I didn’t misread. I read exactly what you wrote.  You put Shead and Jenkins in a class by themselves based on production.  I’m certainly looking at everything. Rush Yds, TD’s, Receiving Yds, Impact on team success, etc.  Jenkins has around 5000 career yds and 83 TDs. Go look up those others I listed.  Jenkins and Shead aren’t the only ones that have ever been productive.  Go back further than I did and you will have three times the guys I listed.

Go look up Overstreet from Big Sandy back in 1975. 

Lindale has every right to be excited about finally have a big time baller, but just because it’s new to Lindale doesn’t mean it’s never been done before around East Texas.

I see you didn't read the last statement. 

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6 hours ago, Eagleborn said:

Seen chatter about how CH has improved since the first meeting. I agree. Has Lindale not improved? Stayed same? 

We are about to find out. The first game wasn’t close.  Sometimes this creates a big brother mentality and it works in big brothers favor, because little brother already feels beat before the contest starts.  Sometimes little brother catches big brother by surprise.  I think there are a few things both teams are preaching to their kids right now.

#1 What l happened a few weeks ago doesn’t matter. 

#2 Don’t think this game is already decided. 

#3 Expect this to be the toughest game of your high school career to date.

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