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3AD2 Region 2 semis - Gunter vs City View


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City View has QB Marks (6'1" 205).   In last year's game Gunter scored 14, then City View 27 unanswered before Gunter scored 17 to win 31-27.  QB Marks and his brother were in perfect sync for a half.  The Marks brother receiver graduated, but Marks is still blowing up the stat sheet.  Gunter's secondary has been playing well, as is the entire defense.

CV lost some games early but have had some good wins in the latter part of the season and in the playoffs.  They finished 2 seed to Holliday (31-13) in their district.

This should be a good game.  Winner plays the winner of Holliday/Eastland to see who plays Canadian  (most likely).

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Since district started, Gunter is averaging 48.7 per game on defenses that give up 27.1 per game on average, so about 3 TDs better than the average defense is giving up.  On the defensive side, they are holding teams that average 30.3 ppg to just 5.9 per game.  Holding teams to 24.4 fewer points than they average.  This is the best defensive swing in 3ADII by the way.  Overall swing for Gunter is a +46.0.

City View is scoring 35.9 per game against defenses that give up 32.0 per game, or 3.9 points more than the defense gives up anyway.  On defense, they are a little better allowing 18.7 ppg to teams averaging 27.3, so 8.6 fewer points.  Overall swing for City View is +12.5.

Gunter's best three swing games have been the last two playoff games and the Bells game, which everyone pretty much knew would be the district championship, so Gunter has had their best three performance in high-stakes games, and this City View game should be no different, so I expect another fired up Gunter team. 

Gunter's worst swing game was against Leonard who they beat 29-8.  This was coming off the high of the Bells game in what was essentially the district championship the week before in a road game missing their workhorse back who is the current leader in carries, rushing yards, and TDs despite missing that Leonard game.  In the four games since the Leonard game, Gunter is averaging 60 points a game while giving up 3 per game, and all points given up in these games were to the backups.  The average halftime score in the last four games is 49-0.  In both playoff games, Gunter built a 59-0 halftime lead. 

One thing that gave us trouble in the Leonard game was an athletic quarterback that would drop back to pass and then scramble.  I think City View will have about as much success as Leonard did, and I don't think it will be enough.  The score prediction is 40-11, but I will go with the more football-friendly 42-14.  And just FYI, the score prediction for the Henrietta game was something like 46-17, so I wouldn't be surprised to see another game that gets away in a hurry. 

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Good stuff Pax!  I just hope they keep rolling. Their passing game is fun to watch. The quick screens to Ethan Sloan. The twin towers are deep threats too. The run game and defense is just vintage Gunter football. 

They are definitely my favorite team to watch. TPW. 

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Some stats for the Henrietta game :

Gunter had 324 total yards of offense.  309 of this was in the first half.  Gunter didn't throw the ball in the second half.  In the first half, Gunter ran 21 times for 140 yards, and completed 8 of 10 passes for 169 yards.  Gunter received the opening kickoff, ran 5 plays for 20 yards and punted.  Seven offensive plays later, they were up 35-0.  Three interceptions and a punt return down to the 5 gave Gunter short fields.  Here are the next 5 drives after the opening drive (all in the first quarter) :

1-play, 26 yards (7-0)

1 play, 14 yards (14-0)

2-play, 19 yards (21-0)

1-play, 45 yards (28-0)

2-play, 5 yards (35-0)

The next four drives of the first half for Gunter :

9-play, 44 yards (38-0), started in first quarter, ended in second quarter

4-play, 76 yards (45-0)

1-play, 22 yards (52-0)

5-play, 38 yards (59-0)


Henrietta in the first half ran the ball 10 times for 19 yards, and they were 9 of 24 for 23 yards and 3 interceptions for 42 total yards of offense.  They ended up with 96 for the game, so the backups did pretty well.  Henrietta's QB went down on the last play of the first half though.

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