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Carthage versus Salado


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3 hours ago, AllGoodNamesRGone said:

Out of the few playoff losses , Carthage hardly has been beat  especially an upset. LH was somewhat an underdog and used a unique power run offense to do so, Vega was simply the best team years ago, El campo was a game Carthage  had no business losing.  Carthage is fundamentally sound and well coached that they can overcome a bad game . The dawgs have had plenty of scares but usually persevere in winning. 

That’s what championship squads do

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27 minutes ago, Crawford said:

I agree, but if CS and Carthage do meet in the next round, it should be a hell of game.

TBH if we don't win every game from here on out by at least 2 TD's I'll be a little disappointed.  Having said that, a W is always a W,  even if only by 1 point.

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5 hours ago, house said:

That slot-t looks like a herd of squirrels running to the line to play whose got the salami.  Would hate to have to watch that all season.   

When run to perfection, which very few teams can do, it's some of the most enjoyable football I've ever watched.  This was the case back when Liberty Hill won their first two titles.  My friend and I have watched a lot of HS football over the years, but their QB was so good with his handoffs that we had a difficult time tracking the ball even after watching them play 10+ games.  A great offense to watch.

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1 minute ago, mikehoncho said:

Lol idk how to delete posts on here or id stop double posting you! 

Click on those three little dots in the upper right of your post. You should able to do something with it. Not sure what all that members have. 

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